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Shift from Fear To Faith

Sacred Sister Share Circle 


Step into the light that you are

Restore & Rejuvenate by connecting back to your roots


Make TRUE connections with soul sisters

Align with universal support, love & guidance

Allow miracles in & level up in all areas of your life 

Do you feel you would be able to make a bigger impact if you just had the support you truly desired?

Do you feel your path would be able to unfold with more ease knowing you are connected with other like minded souls who get YOU enabling you to let go of all fear of judgement for being your true self?

Would you love to expand and rise levelling up in ALL areas of your life with full certainty in the knowing it is already done?

How would it FEEL living a life aligned with faith rather than in constant doubt, anxiety and worry?

This is in within reach for you..

3x Months


What To Expect


Hayley leads into each   sacred circle by opening   up the space inviting all   the women on a  journey into their hearts by performing a LIVE guided meditation so that the vibration is high to enable the event to unfold for everyone's greatest good.


Each soul will be called forward one by one to step into the light & share their intentions for what they envision to experience or gain from this. This enables all sisters to connect on a deeper level as we all get to know each other and dig deeper into the depths of our beings.


Once it has gone back to the first person the space will be held for them to release what no longer serves them, allowing any emotions to be released to   the surface as she is   deeply held by her sisters   in the knowing as she   releases it has already been transmuted into the light and gone back into nothingness.


After each soul has shedded the old we will commune as a group to create new sacred intentions for which we choose to replace the old with. The experience will then end by each sister sharing their intentions so   that we can hold that vision for her and see it as done.



Free Bonus Incentives

  • When you attend this event you will receive the gift of hayley's 21 day power journal which teaches you to become aware on a day to day basis where you give your power away so that you can claim it back as well as daily affirmations it also teaches you how to deal with challenges with ease and grace and claim the blessing by witnessing the lesson with them​ (WORTH £47)

  • You will also receive An MP3 recording as a keepsake of the heart centered meditation that hayley will lead into the retreat with so that you can come back to and tap into the love that you are even after the event so you know you can always come back into alignment when lfe gets too hectic(WORTH £47)

Coming Soon..

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